Connecticut Colleges and Universities

Connecticut May Be Small, But it Has a Lot to Offer

State of Connecticut Image Though Connecticut is one of the smaller states in the country, it offers extremely varied landscapes throughout its towns and cities. The southeastern part of the state is full of aquatic activities and beaches, while the northwestern part offers farms and rolling mountains. The scenery is quite beautiful and so is the weather. Connecticut offers a good mix of all the seasons with summer temperatures reaching high into the 80s and winters full of snow and glistening street views.

Why Go To College in Connecticut?

If you are looking to go to college where there is a small town feel with lots to do, Connecticut might be just the place for you. From the night life to the outdoor activities to the museums, Connecticut offers something for everyone. Not only is New Haven home to Yale University, an Ivy League University, it also offers the Peabody Museum of Natural History. The New England Air Museum, The New Britain Museum of American Art and The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum are also all located within Connecticut. Golfing is a major pastime in Connecticut, with around 200 courses to choose from. There are also tons of walking trails, bird sanctuaries and even a lighthouse you can check out.

What is Connecticut’s Economy Like?

The aircraft industry is very prominent within Connecticut making it one of the biggest industrial outputs. Transportation equipment, nuclear submarines, military weaponry and pharmaceutical products are also major industries within the state. All the film, history and arts in the state also bring in a lot of tourists making tourism one of Connecticut’s large economy generators.

Connecticut Colleges and Universities

The University of Connecticut’s main campus is in Storrs, Connecticut. Connecticut also has four state universities, Central, Eastern, Western and Southern Connecticut State University. There are 12 community colleges and one federally-supported institution, the United States Coast Guard Academy. The state also has 18 independent, non-profit Connecticut Colleges and Universities, including Yale University and Quinnipiac University. Strayer University and the University of Phoenix are also colleges that offer you the opportunity to earn your degree either on-campus in Connecticut or taking classes online.