Massachusetts Colleges and Universities

Enjoy Beautiful Seasons in the Bay State: Massachusetts

The State of Massachusetts Image Massachusetts is located in the New England region of America up in the Northeast. It has cold, snowy winters, and warm – at times even humid – summers. During the summer days, the average temperature is in the 80s, with overnights hovering around the 60s. Winters can be very cold, particularly in the city of Boston. It is not unusual to see temperatures below zero in the winter and you can expect at least one nor’easter per winter. A nor’easter can happen at any time during the year, but most typically occurs in the winter months in Massachusetts. They can cause severe flooding, snow and winds. Springtime can be very wet and cloudy, but fall in Massachusetts is absolutely breathtaking. With all the colorful foliage from the various types of trees, tourism heightens greatly during this time and everyone who lives there just wants to be outside.


Massachusetts has a Bustling Economy With Great Career Opportunities

With 13 Fortune 500 companies located in Massachusetts, there are many jobs available. Competition is steep though, so a solid educational background and work experience are needed in order to be competitive in the job market. In 2010, Massachusetts was ranked the 5th best state for business by CNBC. Some of the most important aspects of the economy in the Bay State are biotechnology, tourism, higher education, health care and finance. Some of the most popular tourist destinations are Cape Cod, Salem and of course, Boston. In June of 2012, Massachusetts unemployment rate was only 6%, 2.2% below the national average.

Arts, Sports and a Deep History in the State of Massachusetts

There have been quite a few artists, musicians and writers to come out of Massachusetts. Some of the most famous include Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sylvia Plath, Henry David Thoreau and Emily Dickinson. Performing arts also makes up a great part of what Massachusetts has to offer. With everything from the Boston Ballet to the Boston Symphony Orchestra to Shakespeare and Company there really is something for everyone when it comes to the arts. The state is also home to a lot of living museums and historical sites. For instance, there is the Minute Man National Historical Park, Old Sturbridge Village, the Black Heritage Trail and the Freedom Trail. Finally, the state is home to a slew of professional sports teams like the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins and the New England Patriots.

Education is Important to Massachusetts Residents

Massachusetts was the first state to pass a law regarding school attendance in 1852 and it is home to the both the oldest women’s college and oldest college. Founded in 1636, Harvard University is the Oldest College in the USA and in 1837 Mount Holyoke College opened as the first women’s College in America. Overall, there are 121 Massachusetts Colleges and Universities. Williams College, Amherst College and Wellesley College are some of the top liberal arts colleges in the country and they are all Massachusetts Colleges. In addition to Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology consistently ranks as one of the best universities in the world. The University of Massachusetts and Northeastern University are also just some of the colleges that offer online degrees.