Minnesota Colleges and Universities

Minnesota is a Great Place to Live and Learn

State of Minnesota Image Minnesota is a Midwestern state that is known for its cold winters and pleasant summers. When going to college in Minnesota, you will experience all sorts of weather extremes. Things like blizzards, hail storms and even tornados can occur in Minnesota. Summer temperatures in the state average around the mid-80s in the south and high-70s in the north.

Minnesota’s Industry and Commerce

The state’s economy once relied heavily on the production of raw materials but it now emphasizes various services and finished products. Manufacturing in Minnesota now includes biomedical firms and technology, as well as food processing and forestry. The earliest industries in the state were agriculture and fur trading. Minnesota also produces ethanol fuel and was the first state to mandate its use. The country’s first indoor shopping mall was built in Edina (a suburb of Minneapolis) in 1956.

Minnesota: Full of Midwestern Charm

There are many outdoor activities for both the summer and the winter in Minnesota. Whether you like hiking and biking or are more interested in history and the arts, you can find something to your liking. Northern Minnesota is full of lakes, rivers and beautiful wilderness. From down the headwaters of the Mississippi River to charter fishing in Lake Superior, Northern Minnesota is perfect for the lover of all things outdoors. Southern Minnesota is very quaint with its scenic valleys and wooded bluffs. Minnesota also has a life to offer for those who prefer city living in Minneapolis and St. Paul, offering a wealth of architecture, museums, professional sports teams and shopping.

Higher Education in Minnesota

The Minnesota Colleges and Universities State System is made up of 32 institutions. The University of Minnesota has five major campuses and there are 17 private universities available in the state including St. John’s University and Concordia College. Argosy University and National American University are also great colleges that enable you to get your degree online in Minnesota.