Puerto Rico Colleges and Universities

The Sun’s Always Shining in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico College Chalkboard Drawing The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has moderate temperatures throughout the year. In the mountains, temperatures average 70 degrees each day and in the lower elevation they’ll get slightly higher, into the 80s. The average minimum temperature is 66 degrees, which makes the weather very desirable. Puerto Rico’s main mountain range is “La Cordillera Central” (The Central Range). There are 17 man-made lakes in the commonwealth and over 50 rivers that originate in the main mountain range.

Why Should You Considering Studying in Puerto Rico?

There are many things to do and see in Puerto Rico. If you want to experience a lifestyle that is quite different than your own for longer than you would studying abroad, going to college in Puerto Rico can be a great choice for you! If you like fun in the sun, there are a ton of beaches and a great night life in San Juan, the capital city. West Beach has a long stretch of sand and the water is beautiful, making it great for snorkeling. Then there is the Playa Tortuga (Turtle Beach), which is home to tons of turtles and human tourists. If you like a little more adventure, head on over to the Camuy Caves. It is the third largest cave system in the world and a tour will take you over 600 feet down into the caves where you can see an underground river. Puerto Rico also has a national rainforest, outlet shopping and lots and lots of historical monuments.

Puerto Rico’s Economy

Manufacturing is a significant part of Puerto Rico’s economy. Technology, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals are all big external investments for Puerto Rico. Tourism is also extremely important to the commonwealth, bringing in slightly less than $2 billion each year. Most of these travelers are from the United States and they come in on cruises. San Juan, Bayamon and Carolina are the three largest cities in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Colleges and Universities

The University of Puerto Rico is the largest public institution in the commonwealth; the largest private universities are Sistema Universitario Ana G.Mendez and the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon. There are also schools like the University of Phoenix which allow you to earn your degree online while studying in Puerto Rico.