Washington Colleges and Universities

Washington’s Beautiful & Wet Climate: Outdoor Person’s Dream

The State of Washington Image Washington State is divided into two very distinct climate patterns. Western Washington is considered to be one of the rainiest places in the world. If rain doesn’t bother you too much though, it is a great place to live because the climate itself is fairly mild. Very rarely do the summer months get any hotter than the mid to upper 70s and snow will rarely fall in the winter with the coldest temperatures usually in the 40s. The Eastern region, on the other hand, is quite different. Due to the Cascades mountain ranges, the summer months are hot and winters very cold with rainfall much scarcer than to the West.


Good Companies and a Stable Job Market

A fifth of Fortune Magazine’s Top 20 Most Admired Companies in the US reside in Washington. These companies are Starbucks, Costco, Amazon.com and Microsoft. In 2009, the per capita personal income was 10th in the nation at $52,403. Some of the most significant business’s in the state comprise of computer software development, aluminum production, biotechnology and tourism. Another one of the great things about Washington is the fact that it does not collect a personal income tax, franchise tax or corporate income tax making it a very desirable place to settle down with a career and a family.

Unique Transportation and Natural Attractions Make Up Washington

Some of the best natural attractions are located in the state of Washington. Olympic National Park houses the only rainforest in the United States. Then there is the North Cascades National Park Complex which is made up of two national recreation areas and one national park. This is among the least explored areas in the state though due to the fact that it is closed because of snow for nearly half of the year. Washington has the most extensive ferry system in America and the third largest one in the world. Each year 147,000 sailings cross the rivers. In 2011, the American State Litter Scorecard named Washington the best state for its effective use of public spaces and litter removal efforts making it an extremely “green” state in more ways than one.

Beautiful Scenery Means Peaceful Studying

Washington has over 40 colleges and universities to choose from. The Evergreen State’s major research universities’ are Washington State University and the University of Washington. Some private career colleges are the Art Institute of Seattle, Everest College and Sanford-Brown College. Many of these schools offer both on-campus programs such as Massage Therapy and Political Science, while you will also find online colleges that offer Engineering Degrees, Criminal Justice Degrees and much more.