Certificate Degrees

Certificate Degrees or Certification Programs

You may have heard about Certificate Degrees or Certification programs offered at various colleges and universities. A Certificate Degree or Certification Course is a type of degree that a student can earn by taking a number of courses related to that program of interest. Typically, a certificate program or certificate degree can be anywhere from five courses through twelve courses, depending on the program of interest.

A Certificate program is usually specific and, therefore, is often a good educational choice when you already know what specific career you would like to enter into or advance within. Some Certificate programs require you to be working in the field that the program will help you advance with. A Certificate or Certification Program is generally one of the shortest degree types (time wise) available through a college or university. Sometimes a Certificate can be a stepping stone to another degree, while other times it can be advanced material to help you through your career. Regardless, considering a Certificate Degree can be a wise decision if you already know what your career path is or will be.

In addition to your local college or university, community colleges as well as online colleges and universities may offer Certificate degrees or Certification programs.