[h2]Doctorate, Doctoral or Ph.D Degrees[/h2]

The Doctorate Degree is great for those who are extremely serious about their field. It is the highest level of academic achievement that you can pursue. In order to apply for a Doctorate Degree program, you must already have a Master’s Degree, which also means you already have a Bachelor’s Degree as well. Some Doctoral programs offer a dual degree where you will be accepted to earn both a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate Degree consecutively or even simultaneously. Typically, these duel degree programs have a low acceptance rates, as they may have a limited number of seats available per class.

The Doctorate Degree may also be referred to as a Ph.D., M.D. (Medical Doctorate) or a Juris Doctorate (J.D.), which is the specific degree that lawyers earn. A Doctorate program can also vary in length depending on what you are studying or researching. On average, a Doctorate Degree can take about four years to complete and involves a lot of research or work hours. Depending on the subject or program of interest that you are studying, you may find yourself doing years of research in order to write a thesis or capstone paper, or you may find yourself physically working in your field while earning your degree.

The Doctorate Degree is not required by most jobs, but is revered as an advanced degree earned by only a very few. Similar to other degrees, the Doctorate Degree you are interested in may be offered at both a Campus College and University, or at an Online College or University. If you are to earn a Doctorate Degree, you may qualify for a higher salary in your field, and this is one of the reasons why people pursue the Doctorate Degree. Another reason may be because an advanced position does require this type of degree. For instance, a Superintendent position of a school district may have required a Doctorate Degree in Education, specifically. If you are looking to earn a Doctorate Degree because a particular job you want requires it, make sure to find out whether it requires a specific degree. Additionally, many people who teach at the college level decide to earn a Doctorate Degree so they are considered experts in their field or because the college looks up to those with that degree.