Criminal Justice & Law Programs

Taking the Law into Your Own Hands by Earning a Criminal Justice & Law Degree

With the rise of national security in the United States, the emphasis on securing our borders, our airports and enforcing the law, a number of new careers have been born and demand to fill these positions continues to grow. Law, law enforcement, security, criminality, and forensics go hand in hand and are important to the protection of our society and it values. One of the longest television shows running, Law & Order, portrays this in every episode. In addition to this TV show, a number of other criminal TV shows are also popularizing the industry for those who may be looking for a new career. As with all careers, it is important to have the right education and training to put yourself in the best possible position to gain an entry-level job in this industry. This is why many students and adults take matters into their own hands and choose to go to college for a Criminal Justice & Law Degree.

Criminal Justice is Just the Beginning of Your Career

Criminal Justice and Law Books Earning a Criminal Justice Degree, whether as an online degree or campus degree, is one of the best ways you can put yourself ahead of your competition in a number of different career choices. What are some of these careers? In addition to becoming a police officer or federal government agent, you may consider starting a career as a Corrections Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, Criminal Investigator, CyberCrime Investigator, Homeland Security Officer, other Law Enforcement, Parole Officer or even a Probation Officer. Though these careers seem different from each other, they all stem from the study of law and criminology. While earning a Criminal Justice Degree, you will study a number of different areas depending on what type of Degree you are studying for. This degree is offered at a number of different levels, depending on the college you chose. The various levels of achievement include a Certificate, an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice & Law, a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice & Law, and even a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice & Law. The length and cost of these programs depends solely on how far you want to go in order to achieve your educational and career goals. Regardless of how far you will go, if you choose this field you will always study the basics of Criminal Justice.

Law & Order: It’s Not Just a TV Show

In addition to understanding and “fighting” crime, entire teams are dedicated to understanding, enforcing and abiding by the United States Constitution as well as the Federal, State and local laws created under the constitution. In addition to an Advanced Legal Research Degree such as Juris Doctor (JD), attorneys have entire teams of personnel to help them sift through case paperwork, research case studies and verdicts, and assist in reducing the demands on their time. Careers such as Legal Administration Secretaries and Paralegals are extremely important to lawyers and that is why there are degrees available for both. The Legal Administration Secretary Degree and Paralegal Degree are offered as Certificates, Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degrees. Qualified people are in high demand to alleviate the pressure and make good use of a lawyer’s time in order to win a case or come to a settlement; all resulting in bringing justice to society. For those that study criminal justice and those that study the law a rewarding career is waiting. If you want to fight for justice, help this country remain safe and create peace for those who live here, then this is the career choice for you.