Trade & Career Programs

Going Back to School for a Trade & Career Degree

Receiving a liberal arts education doesn’t always mean going to college and graduating with no specific career path in mind. Many people don’t even realize they already know what type of degree they are interested in because they already know what kind of career they hope to pursue. Career colleges offer trade & career degrees that often times provide the proper path towards a specific profession. Trade & Career Degrees include working in industries such as contracting, automotive, beauty, hospitality and events management. Within these industries, there are an enormous number of jobs and career paths to choose from.

Which Trade & Career Degree is Right for Me?

Trade & Career Professionals While some people have an idea of what they want to do for the rest of their life, many people do not. offers extensive information on different trade & career degree options that will lead to careers in the trade and vocational industries. You should first spend some time reflecting about yourself, what your passions are, what you like doing in your free time, what you like or dislike about your past careers or jobs, and what your personality is like. Coming up with answers about yourself, figuring out whether you enjoy working with your hands, talking and interacting with people, using the creative part of your brain to design or create, or if you like logic and working with numbers, will help narrow down your options for career choices. Many trade and vocational careers require an education and degree. One of the many positive aspects of these degrees is that many of them can be completed quickly and offer internships or apprenticeships as part of the degree program. Another positive attribute is that some of these degrees are offered as online degrees from both online colleges as well as traditional campus colleges.

Types of Trade & Career Degrees Available

As mentioned previously, there are not only a number of different industries that you can potentially work in, but there are also a large number of job and career paths you can pursue. There are degrees for each industry, and by earning a trade degree you will make yourself more qualified for a number of different jobs. Some of the degrees available include the Automotive Repair Degree, Cosmetology Degree, Culinary Arts Degree, Electrician Degree, Events Management Degree, Hotel Management Degree, HVAC Degree, Plumbing Degree, Travel Agent Degree and Welding Degree. There are a handful of other niche degrees out there, but you will be hard pressed to find them offered at many colleges and universities. Many of these degrees, even though they involve working with your hands, are offered online, making it extremely convenient to study and attend class for those who work full-time or tend to a family full-time.

Degrees in a Trade & Career are Offered At All Levels

Whether you are switching careers or starting a new journey in life, you will find that there are many different types of degrees offered for trades and vocations. Many of the degrees available at career colleges are Certificate or Diploma programs that can be completed in as little as six or nine months. Upon completion of these degree programs, you may have to take an exam to earn a state license to practice your new career. If you are looking to advance in your career, or take on a supervisory or even a management position, there are also degrees offered at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. Regardless of the degree level you want to earn, a trade or vocational degree is an excellent decision when starting on a new career path.